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Oracle Claims Its Hypervisor v VMware to be Better than the Competition

Enterprise software maker Oracle has announced that its Hypervisor v VMware is quite capable of scaling four times better despite being priced at a very low rate - rather a bold claim an industry full of cut throat competition from rivals such as the Redmond-based Windows maker Microsoft.

Oracle’s desire to be viewed as the best by consumers and technology experts in the highly competitive market of server virtualisation is becoming more and more clear as the company continues to make claims about its powerful and low cost product.

Even though quite a few analysts have called Oracle’s claims a 'desperate call' to the other big players in the market, some analysts do admit that Oracle does pose some serious threats.

“As our customers are deploying more and more complete solutions, such as cloud environments, virtualisation strictly for consolidation purposes is no longer enough,” Monica Kumar, Oracle senior director of product marketing, said in an exclusive statement to eWeek.

“And it’s not just for running operating systems in virtual machines. It’s becoming more about using virtualization as a tool for improving application deployment,” Kumar added.