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RIM Unveils BBM Music Service, Offers Song Sharing

BlackBerry and PlayBook maker Research In Motion has launched a brand new music service designed to lure users just the way it did with its massively popular BlackBerry Messanger (BBM) service.

The new offering, named BlackBerry Music will be a cloud based service and it is inspired by the concept of social media sites, RIM revealed.

The company also brags that it will allow users to come up with their own profile featuring 50 songs, which they can share with their buddies, as well as to swap up to 25 tracks each month. Not just that, users will also be able to listen to tracks shared by their friends.

"In addition to those 50 songs in your profile, the more BBM Music friends you have, the more songs you can add and enjoy! In other words, your BBM Music friend’s music library [is] your music library," the company said in a post on the BlackBerry blog.

The BBM Music service announcement confirms the fact that RIM would have struck deals with the major music labels.

Mike Lazaridis, the president and co-CEO at Research In Motion on the other hand expressed his opinion by saying, “We have partnered with leading music companies to provide a ‘full track’ music sharing and discovery experience that will provide users with quality music on demand."