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Sony Ericsson to Update 2011 Xperia Series Smartphones in October

Sony Ericsson has announced that it will update the 2011 Xperia series smartphones with Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread this October.

The company plans to update the entire range of Xperia smartphones including Play, Arc, Neo, Ray, Pro, Mini, and Mini Pro with the latest Android operating system, bringing new features and functionality to the devices.

Some of the new features include an enhanced version of Facebook inside Xperia and a new 3D camera functionality from Sony.

The new 'Facebook inside' Xperia feature is designed to allow users to like, share and discover on Facebook quickly and easily. The 3D sweep panorama technology from Sony will allow users to capture and view images in 3D by connecting the device to a 3D television using an HDMI cable.

“With this software upgrade, we are bringing a wealth of new and really entertaining experiences to all our 2011 Xperia smartphones, including those already in consumers' hands today," said Nikolaus Scheurer, Head of Product Marketing at Sony Ericsson.

"Our users will get to enjoy new features from Google, an even richer Facebook integration, and enhanced camera functionality from Sony," he added.