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Traffic avoiding app comes to mobile phones

Leading provider of traffic and navigation services Inrix has launched a traffic application for the UK, for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and iPhone devices.

The Inrix traffic application is ad-free app and provides real-time traffic information and traffic forecasts, which allow motorists to better plan their trips and avoid unexpected delays along the way.

The tattered A-Z road maps have been now replaced by smartphone apps and in-car sat-navs, although the problem with these is that while they can be handy for navigation – they don’t actually help you avoid traffic, until now.

Inrix traffic offers users an insight into traffic conditions, where the traffic information is crowd-sourced from the largest traffic network in the world and combined with traditional road sensor data, accident and incident reports to provide drivers with information they can rely on to find the best way to go.

The software also has a predictive technology analysis element, which factors in common traffic-impacting aspects such as day of the week, season, holidays and related days, current and forecasted weather, accidents and road works and unique local events like concerts and football matches to provide traffic forecasts up to 8 hours in advance.

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