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Travelodge serves up free Wi-Fi in its Bar Cafés

Budget hotel chain Travelodge said it will offer customers free Wi-Fi in its Bar Cafés across the UK.

The service is being rolled out from today and will be implemented in all Travelodge Bar Cafés hotels by the 12th September 2011, the firm announced.

The firm said it had found that travellers demand Internet access these days and baulk at paying the extortionate rates some hotles charge for the privilege.

According to Guy Parsons, Travelodge Chief Executive: "Our customer research has highlighted that in today’s modern world travellers want internet connectivity whilst on the move, so that they can work and cyber-socialise around the clock, and with the popularity of smartphones reaching an all time high, mobile Internet access is becoming more of a necessity in every day life."

Travelodge has 478 hotels across the UK, is opening a further 20 this year and is building 43 new ones, boosting its claim to be Britain's fastest-rowing hotel chain.