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£399 Asus X53E-SX399V 15.6" Intel Core i5 Laptop

The Asus X53E-SX399V15.6" Laptop is definitely one of those products that is worth a second look before moving onto a different laptop. With a discount of £250.99, this laptop is definitely a bargain for the specifications it has to offer.

The laptop is having a 15.6-inch screen that is more or less the perfect screen size for day to day operations of word processing and number crunching as well as watching movies. With the Intel Core i5 processor backed by 3GB memory this laptop delivers a performance that is definitely at par with other high speed laptops out there. 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor features new mobile CPUs that enhance multitasking, so you can get more done at the same time, more smoothly.

With 320GB hard drive, this laptop can act as a vault of information letting you store a lot of data beyond you will ever need in your day to day work. The laptop is quite classy with its metallic design and an elegant colour scheme based on premium aluminium textures. With the high end specifications we have seen until now and the impressive design, this laptop is an expressive combination of technology and style.

The premium and durable aluminum textures retain their looks and quality, even during extensive, prolonged use, which makes sure that your laptop doesn’t give a wearied look even after a couple of years.

Asus brings the IceCool Technology that makes your PC experience cool and comfortable even during the longest computing sessions. The dual-sided motherboard design makes sure that the hot components are on the underside and away from users. Combined with heat pipes and vents, palm rests and typing surfaces stay cooler. For more specifications, please visit the vendor page for the product here.

The Asus X53E-SX399V15.6" Intel Core i5 Laptop is available from Comet for £399.