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4 Other Ways HP Could Have Got Rid Of The TouchPad & The Pre 3

To say that customers have been disappointed with the way HP has handled the whole TouchPad saga is an understatement on an epic scale. Yet there are so many ways HP could have gotten rid of the TouchPad and the Pre 3 without allowing its customers (and partners) to feel let down.

(1) HP could have recalled all the TouchPad and Pre 3 devices on the market and disposed of them all in an environmentally friendly way. Doing so could potentially have saved them money because dumping unsold stock means that you can right them off for tax relief.

(2) HP could have asked all the stock-holding retailers to sell the TouchPad & the Pre 3 as a bundle, which would have provided a unique chance for WebOS to survive.

(3) HP could have given all the TouchPad and the Pre 3 handsets to its employees & associates (including WebOS developers) in a bid to reward their commitment and at the same time, open source WebOS. HP has nearly 325,000 employees worldwide.

(4) HP could have sold all Touchpad and Pre 3 units via Ebay and either pocketed the profit or even better, given it to charity. They could also have chosen to dispose of the devices by giving them away to schools to be used by students.