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AMNews: Social Media Debate in UK, Instagram Rival Facebook Photo Filters, PlayStation 3 Prices

Social media sites should not be blocked during law and order situations as they be quite handy when it comes to providing intelligence to the law enforcement agencies, claims London mayor Boris Johnson. Interestingly, Mr. Johnson’s stand on the issue is exactly opposite to what the UK government claims. According to the UK government, social media sites should withdraw their services, or at least take a pro active role in preventing rogue elements from using their services to cause trouble for the police and civil society.

A top executive in the Redmond-based Microsoft Corporation has revealed that the company’s forthcoming operating system platform Windows 8 will come equipped with a handful of features to make file management a walk in the park. There will be significant improvement in the copying, renaming, deleting, moving, and pasting functionalities, which are considered the most frequently used features.

Social media juggernaut Facebook is believed to be planning on adding a bunch of photo-filtering features to its mobile application sometimes in the foreseeable future. Apparently, it seems like the primary motive behind the company’s opting for such a move is the eventual outcome of its age-old desire to attract users from the massively popular photo sharing platform Instagram.

The price of the PlayStation 3 gaming console is set to drop down further and potentially spark a price war after Tesco slashed £24.99 off the suggested retail price of £199.99 and is giving an additional £10 discount using the eCoupon code TDX-MNGK. That price cut makes the 160GB Sony PS3 Console cheaper than the Xbox 360 250GB which Tesco sells for £189; in addition, customers stand to earn 350 Clubcard points worth £3.50 instore at the supermarket giant.

A ‘rogue’ publisher from France who previously opposed Google’s practice of the online publishing of books without permission from authors or publishing companies, and who even dragged the Mountain View-based search giant to the court over the issue, has reportedly entered into an agreement with the company.