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Apple Offers Internship to Famed Cyber-Hacker Nicholas Allegra

Just a day after Steve Job’s resignation as the CEO of Apple Inc., the iPhone maker has hired well-known developer and hacker Nicholas Allegra - most famously known in the cyber world as Comex.

Nicholas Allegra is the founder of a JailbreakMe, a massively popular website known for its jailbreaking services aimed at iOS devices.

"So, the week after next I will be starting an internship with Apple. Thanks for the congratulations everyone; I was expecting a more negative response :)", Comex tweeted to fans and followers about the rather luscious deal offered by the company for his expertise.

Comex, who have previously confessed to being an Apple fan-boy himself, had been causing quite a few problems for the iPhone maker. Whenever Apple debuted a new version of the iOS operating system software, it did not take the hacker long to come up with his jailbreaking services for the updated version.

"I did not create the vulnerabilities, only discover them. Releasing an exploit demonstrates the flaw, making it easier for others to use it for malice, but they have long been present and exploitable," he claims, as reported by The Inquirer.