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Apple Sells Most Per Square Foot Reveals Study

A new study has shed light into the fact how the iPhone maker Apple Inc. continues to be a dominant force in the tech-market with its retail stores in the US being more profitable than any other major player in the retail industry in terms of sales per square foot.

The study was carried out by the research outfit RetailSails, and it claims that the iPhone and iPad maker stood remarkably well amongst the top 20 US retail chains covered by the study. The RetailSails report states that Apple generated approximately $14 billion through its retail stores in the last four quarters.

According to the study, Apple is currently operating 327 retail stores across the country, the average size being near about 7,900 square feet. The firm thus estimates that Apple generates approximately $5,626 per square foot in their retail stores.

“Today we take a look at the top 20 U.S. chains with the highest retail sales per square feet of store space. We analyzed all 160+ American retailers (excluding restaurants) who publicly report financial information,” RetailSails stated.

Expressing the firm’s view on Apple’s amazing performance in the retail market despite being relatively a new comer, the RetailSails report added, “It is quite shocking by how far ahead of the competition they are, especially considering the company only has 10 years of retail experience”.