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Google Bestows Maps With Voice Search Capability

Search engine giant Google has added voice search capabilities to its Google Maps mapping service for Chrome web browser running on desktops.

Users will be able to conduct map searches on Google Maps by simply speaking the name of their destination in the computer’s microphone.

The company said in a blog post that a new microphone icon has appeared on the Google Maps search bar, which allows users to conducted voice searches on Chrome web browser.

“Tired of typing? Without using your keyboard, you can now talk into Google Maps to look for places and get directions,” the company says.

Google reckons that the new feature, which is available only in English for now, will make it easier for people to find places that are hard to spell like Poughkeepsie or Liechtenstein. Users will also be able to get directions from one place to another by merely speaking in the microphone.

The company also said that if users have the Google Earth plug-in installed, they will be able to zoom to anywhere in the world by merely speaking the destination’s name.

Google already offers voice search features on Android platform, on its website and the Google app for the iPhone. Google hasn't confirmed yet whether the feature will be extended to other browsers or not.