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Google TV All Set for UK Launch

Mountain View based Internet search giant Google Inc. is expected to officially announce the launch of its moderately popular Google TV platform in the UK later today.

Having conquered almost 90 percent of the Internet search market, Google tried its luck on the television industry last year with the launch of the Google TV in October. The company’s decision to make the product available in the US market, and making the fans in the UK wait for so long obviously annoyed quite a few.

However, the wait is finally over as Mountain View based search engine leader is now all set to bring the platform to the country. According to reports the green flag will be hoisted by Eric Schmidt, executive chairman and former CEO of Google, at the Edingburgh Television Festival, scheduled to be held later in the day.

“Schmidt is also expected to offer an olive branch to the TV industry in his keynote speech, according to the Press Association,” the Inquirer wrote in its report.

“Google fell out with a number of major TV networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, who blocked transmission to Google TV devices after Google failed to secure a deal with them,” it added.

But many believe that Google TV might just not pull the right strings in the UK. "Google TV is basically unusable," Matt Millar of Tellybug told The Register. "Any system that requires you to move a mouse pointer around a TV screen will fail".