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Hewlett-Packard UK Computer Unit Chief Reassures Employees that it is 'Business as Usual'

The chief of Hewlett-Packard’s computer unit in the UK has reassured employees saying that it is "business as usual" and will remain so in the foreseeable future.

However, Paul Hunter, the head of HP Personal Systems Group UK and Ireland also told his staff that the previous week had been somewhat strange for the company.

There have been a fair amount of rumors and speculation in the market about the world’s largest computer maker selling its PC unit. Earlier today, the South Korea based electronic giant Samsung dismissed the rumors of its interest in acquiring HP’s PC unit.

“Let me be absolutely clear in saying that at no stage has HP said it is quitting the PC business,” Mr. Hunter wrote in his email to the company employees, as reported by the Telegraph, UK.

“Three options are being investigated, and whether the company is spun off, sold or kept in the HP portfolio, the team in the UK remains committed to creating and supporting great products and services,” he added.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated development, sales figure of HP’s Touchpad tablet line underwent a exponential growth following the company’s decision to discontinue the device and cut the sale price.