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Kixar seeks to corner South Asian music stream

While the idea of yet another social media music platform might sound unoriginal, what makes Kixar appealing is its strong roots in South Asian music.

As an avid fan of fusion rhythms and melodies, I was extremely excited about refining my musical culture.

Browsing the Home tab brought me renowned Asian artists such as Rahul Sharma, Irtaash and…Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga? Yep, along with Enrique Iglesias and Rihanna.

After closer inspection, I noted that their tracks were in fact Asian inspired remixes – but after reopening the application a few more times, an album by Jennifer Lopez appeared; with absolutely no Indian influences in the playlist. Perhaps she’s South Asian? I’m sure that’s the explanation behind her featuring as one of the What’s new! artists.

Not unlike with Grooveshark, you can create your own playlists. And, with only a few tabs and buttons to choose from, it’s extremely easy to navigate around the player.

The layout is clean and simple, with the colour system kept to a couple of shades of violet finished in grey wording. With the 'What’s New!' tab displaying a selection of new artists every time the application is opened, I’m also spoilt for choice with the option of Top Tracks and Top Albums, should I feel like expanding my musical knowledge in all things South Asian.

The main selling point behind this platform however, is its social media integration. I know this, because the press release specifically states this point.

“Social features such as Facebook & Twitter integration are really important because being able to instantly share what you’re listening to with your friends makes the music experience much richer,” explained Kixar founder Karm Singh,.

On the whole, I was extremely impressed – especially after it had synced my iTunes into the My Music tab of the application. I assume it works similarly on a Windows system. It's clever how the application mirrored the iTunes features – including the symbols and layout.

By allowing me unlimited access to discover Bhangra music through a one-touch service, it simplifies the experience of sharing through multiple channels. So my friends on Facebook and Twitter are going to be spoilt for my choice once I demand that they listen to Bollywood tracks with me.

Ah, they can't - Kixar is invitation only at the moment - no doubt as copyright deals are inked.

But, the overall verdict on incorporating South Asian music into a social music platform? ‘Sounds’ good to me!