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Linux Built As ‘Just a Hobby’ Turns 20

More than two decades back, a computer science student, named Linus Torvalds made a rather bold claim - that he was soon going to present to the world a brand new operating system which will be totally free of cost. And, just the way he had promised, he delivered as well and the world witnessed exactly 20 years ago (yesterday), the birth of what today we all know as Linux.

Torvalds stated at that time that he had built Linux as “just a hobby”, and also that the platform “won’t big and professional like GNU”.

However, the young geek-boy for whom making complicated, open source operating system was just a hobby as compared to our video-gaming or hanging out, was somehow wrong when he expected the platform to be never attaining the “big and professional” status.

No doubt, Linux lags light years behind Microsoft Windows in terms of commercial reputation, which Torvalds never tried to achieve in the first place; the open source platform has found its place virtually everywhere. Be it Android based smartphones and tablets (Yes, Android was developed with Linux at its core), car navigation systems, public transit displays, in-flight entertainment systems, refrigerator with built in TVs and the list goes on and on!