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Noon News: Apple's Per Square Foot Profits, Voice Search on Google Maps, Android Comes To Samsung's Rescue

A new study has shed light into the fact how the iPhone maker Apple Inc. continues to be a dominant force in the tech-market with its retail stores in the US being more profitable than any other major player in the retail industry in terms of sales per square foot. The study was carried out by the research outfit RetailSails, and it claims that the iPhone and iPad maker stood remarkably well amongst the top 20 US retail chains covered by the study.

Microsoft’s MSN China division has partnered with social networking services provider Renren to offer instant messaging and social networking offerings in the booming Chinese online market. Apart from sharing various other services and applications, the companies will also allow users to conduct cross-platform communication.

It seems like Android is going on a rescue mission to save its Korean partner Samsung from the wrath of Apple Inc. in the ongoing patent-clash between the two smartphone and tablet makers. According to reports, an upcoming Android update for the Samsung Galaxy smartphones could save the Korean electronic giant from a preliminary injunction imposed by a Dutch court at the request of the iPhone maker.

Search engine giant Google has added voice search capabilities to its Google Maps mapping service for Chrome web browser running on desktops. Users will be able to conduct map searches on Google Maps by simply speaking the name of their destination in the computer’s microphone.

Carphone Warehouse has cut the price of the cheaper HTC Flyer, the 16GB version without 3G, from £479 to £329, while the dearer 3G model with 32GB storage has gone down from £599.99 to £449.99. The price drop is potentially happening only a few days before the official launch of the HTC Puccini, the 10-inch version of the HTC Flyer, which is set to take place next week in London.