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HP's Palm Eurostore struggles ahead of Pre 3 sale

The Palm Eurostore website has slow to a crawl as rumours of a price drop on the Pre 3 webOS-powered smartphone causes a huge surge in traffic.

The site currently sells the Pre 3 smartphone for £299, but rumours have been flying that - as with the TouchPad tablet - a massive price cut is in the works. HP was expected to drop the price to just £49 this morning, but so far the discount has failed to appear in line with the rumoured schedule.

That hasn't stopped an army of bargain hunters, looking for the perfect cut-price smartphone to accompany their £89 TouchPad tablet, sitting on the page and refreshing continuously, hoping to be in the select few able to snag one of the dwindling stock at a discount price.

Sadly, they may already be too late: the page for the Pre 3 8GB edition suggests that stocks ran out late last night as purchasers paid full price for the device in the hopes that the company will refund the difference once the new bargain-basement price goes live.

Although more stock is promised, that isn't expected to appear until the 31st of August - at which point the price drop, if indeed one is in the works, will likely go live.