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RealNetworks Sues Dutch Webmaster For Posting Hyperlink

RealNetworks has sued a Netherlands based website owner for publishing a link to a competing freeware package.

The company offers the popular Real Player software and claims that the software offered by the website infringes on its copyright and trademark.

The Netherlands based webmaster, Hilbrand Edskes has been reduced to borrowing money from his family in order to survive.

Having already seized his computers, RealNetworks is suing the webmaster for merely hosting the link on his website,, which offers download links to hundreds of freeware tools.

The link hosted on the website is for Real Alternative, software which RealNetworks claims infringes its trademark and copyright. The company is demanding that it must be compensated for all downloads that have taken place from the webmaster’s website as they harmed its business.

RealNetworks is going after the webmaster despite the fact that he was only providing a download link and not hosting the software. It is to be noted that the software is available on many websites, so it’s not clear why the webmaster is being punished.

The company is claiming that the link was on his website for 43 days and Edskes should pay it €210,000 in damages.