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UK Cops Charge 22 Year Old in 'Anonymous' Case

The cat and mouse game between the UK’s law enforcement agencies and alleged organised cyber criminals continues as another young man has been charged in connection of a hacking campaign initiated by the infamous hacktivist group Anonymous.

According to recent reports, Peter Gibson, aged 22, a resident of Hartlepool has been charged with being a part of a large-scale conspiracy, aimed at carrying out unauthorised acts using computers.

Apparently, if we are to believe the words from the Scotland Yard, Gibson was a part of the Anonymous team said to have executed a wide spread DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services) attack campaign against many online payment services including PayPal in protest of these companies’ decision to freeze whistle-blower Wikileak’s accounts.

The 22 year old Hartlepool resident was arrested earlier this year in April during the investigation into a series of high-profile cyber-attacks on companies like PayPal, Visa, Master Card etc.

Gibson has reportedly been granted bail, and he will have to appear at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court next month on September 7.

A handful of hacking collectives have claimed the responsibility for distributing denial of service attacks on these high-profile companies, wherein their websites were forced to crash by creating an enormous flood of incoming traffic.