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Wikileaks to Release More Than 100,000 US Diplomatic Cables

Controversial whistleblowing website Wikileaks has announced it will release thousands of previously unpublished secret US diplomatic cables.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange tweeted that the website will release more than 100,000 diplomatic cables - some of which are deemed classified by the United States government.

“We will have released over 100,000 US embassy cables from around the world by the end of today,” the official Wikileaks account tweeted. It is widely believed that Julian Assange himself controls the Twitter account.

The newly released cables are part of the cache of 250,000 secret diplomatic cables that were made available to the organisation. This is perhaps the largest single release of cables ever.

Sources within Wikileaks told Reuters that the organisation decided to release a large batch of cables because the world’s media had lost interest in writing stories about the disclosures made in the documents.

The massive release comes after the US government ordered Dynadot, a California Internet registrar which had hosted the WikiLeaks website, toturn over all information related to Assange and the Wikileaks website. The internet registrar has complied with the order.