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Apple vs. Samsung Court Battle to Begin July 2012

Tech heavyweights Samsung and Apple Inc. will be battling out patent related disputes in a US court on 30 July, 2012 in an extended 13 day trial, a US judge confirmed.

Initially, Apple appealed to the court to start the trial on February 1, 2012. Samsung did not agree with this court date and was pushing for a later date. After hearing arguments from both sides, Lucy Koh, the judge in charge of the trial finally decided to go ahead with 30 July, 2012 as the new date and announced a rather comprehensive schedule.

Amongst the key dates, which begins the most crucial round in the increasingly intensifying legal battle and includes a claim construction hearing, scheduled on January 20, 2012.

"At a minimum, Apple will want Samsung to change the design of some of its products [if it wins]. I also believe Apple will enforce some of its technical patents, especially those relevant to the user experience," said Florian Mueller, a prominent patent expert, as reported by V3.

"There's always a chance of a settlement in any of those disputes, but I doubt that the preliminary injunctions Apple obtained in Europe put enough pressure on Samsung," he added.