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Touchpad Tablet Sales Soar Despite HP's Decision to Discontinue the Line

World’s largest computer maker Hewlett-Packard may have pulled the plug on the HP TouchPad, but since the company started offering the now-officially dead product line at a heavily discounted price, sales took a rather sharp turn upward.

Now, for those who are wondering why would consumers pay as much as $99 on a product that has no future, the 50 GB lifetime free cloud storage in offering from is one reason. Free cloud storage is a good incentive for those who want to create a workspace to share documents.

Apparently, Box launched a webOS app simultaneously with HP’s TouchPad, which upon being activated provides users with 50 GB of storage. When the HP TouchPad is officially gone, will remain unaffected for the TouchPad loyalists.

"We’re absolutely still offering 50GB of free cloud storage to all TouchPad owners, and not surprisingly, we’ve seen a significant spike in signups through the Box for TouchPad app in the past few days, bringing total app downloads to 30,000," said Box's CEO Aaron Levie, as reported by PC Mag.

Users can take advantage of this offer by installing the Box app on their TouchPad and signing in with an existing Box account or creating a new account.