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Acer attempts to brush off tablet 'fad'

Embattled computer maker Acer is determined to talk the tablet PC out of existence with further assertions that flat-panel computing is just a fad.

Acer chairman JT Wang told Digitimes, that tablet ‘fever’ is breaking. The sweats are subsiding and it's time everyone came up and bought a nice new notebook from Acer and left those iPads alone.

Wang might have said something like that. It's hard to tell from the Digitimes report. Wang has said something similar before. Wang certainly seems to believe that there's life in the old WinTel axis yet, and is pinning his hopes on Windows 8 on Intel's Ultrabook being a winning combination.

Wang cited customer surveys Acer has carried out to back his assertion that Ultrabooks will keep the iPad and its ilk at bay. He reckons Acer's upcoming Ultrabook in the $800 price range will be a winner.

He'd better be right. Acer is heading for a rare loss in its current financial year, the management is in disarray since the departure of Italian CEO Gianfranco Lanci in March and the outfit's usually slim-line channel is stuffed with inventory.

It could be Ultrabook or bust for Wang.