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Acer Sees Future in Ultrabooks, Says Consumer Interest in Tablets Weakening

Computer maker Acer seems to have bet its future on Intel backed Ultrabooks, calling tablet devices a ‘fad’.

Manufacturers are tired of competing with Apple in the tablet market, it seems, and are leaning towards sleek looking Ultrabooks, which will come with a long battery life.

According to Digitimes, Acer’s chairman JT Wang has claimed that the tablet ‘fever’ is cooling down and consumers are again become interested in notebook devices, thanks to Intel’s Ultrabook and Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform.

His comments come as the notebook market continues to feel the jolts from the tablet PC market. The tablet PC market is expected to grow meteorically for the next few years.

However, Acer along with other manufacturers believes that consumer interest will once again shift to notebook devices when the tablet market reaches saturation levels.

Wang said that the company plans to offer an Ultrabook notebook in September with a price tag as low as $799. He also revealed that Acer had performed surveys recently, which indicated that consumers are interested in Ultrabook devices.

Apart from Acer, other manufacturers like Asus, Dell, Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo also plan to launch Ultrabook devices in the fourth quarter of 2011.