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Advances in Battery Technology by US University Researchers

A US-based university has claimed a breakthrough in the existing battery technology that could introduce revolutionary change to current industry standards.

The new technology, invented by researchers at Rice University, is based on the concept of ‘supercapacitors’ that allow amazingly fast charge-time as well as enhanced charge/discharge cycles. However, these advantages are restricted to some specialist applications only.

But the researchers from Rice have made some efforts to reduce many of those restrictions by introducing carbon nanotubes which have the ability to boost the charge carrying performance significantly.

"Nothing on Earth has more potential for packing a lot of surface area into a small space than carbon nanotubes," the research team stated as reported by PCR Online.

Rice lab chemist Robert Hauge, on the other hand, expressed his opinion about this latest technology by saying, "All solid-state solutions to energy storage will be intimately integrated into many future devices, including flexible displays, bio-implants, many types of sensors and all electronic applications that benefit from fast charge and discharge rates."