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Flood Prediction Technology Simulates Rivers 100x Faster

A group of geniuses from the computer maker IBM along with their counterparts from the University of Texas, Austin have come up with a brand new technology which can help researchers to accurately predict any upcoming flood.

According to the participator in the project, the new technology analyses any potentially damaging abnormal behaviour of a river by simulating its course of actions immediately- almost hundred times quicker than real time.

Apparently, the new technology is based on the company’s analytic software as well as Deep Thunder, an advanced weather simulation program by IBM. The researchers claimed that they could simulate thousands of river branches simultaneously and predict their future course of actions. They also stated that this new revolutionary offering could eventually emerge as a break through when it comes to saving life and properties from an impending danger.

“Effective flood preparedness can be looked at as a large scale computing problem, with a huge number of relevant data and independencies,” said Frank Liu, Research Staff Member at IBM Research, PSFK reports.

“Using advanced models to simulate the scores of tributaries of large rivers along with other relevant real-time information such as weather, we are better able to give people valuable advance notice of a flood,” he added. [Image courtesy]