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Hacktivist Group Protests Against San Francisco BART Police Via the Internet

Online hacktivist group Anonymous is planning to organise another protest in San Francisco which might disrupt metro services, BART has warned.

The agency has warned that the group might organise another protest, for third week in a row, starting on Monday August 29.

BART became a traget for the group after the agency disrupted cell phone services at a metro station while passengers were protesting the fatal shooting of a homeless man by BART officials.

“We are Anonymous, over the past two weeks we have proven that we stand by what we believe. You have threatened to shut down cell phone service if needed again, although your threats went empty, the dictator-like tactics did not go unnoticed by the world,” Anonymous said in a latest statement.

“BART police are becoming increasingly aggressive at the protest, and peaceful protesters are being arrested for “being too loud”,” the online vigilante group said.

Anonymous has come down hard on the agency, first by hacking and defacing its website and then releasing personal information about several BART officers. Recently, one faction of the group posted nude photos of a BART spokesperson to embarrass the agency.