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Halo 4 Details Emerge Online [Video]

343 Industries has dished out new details of the highly awaited iteration of the Halo gaming franchise at the Halo Fest.

The company said that Halo 4 will be the first in a reboot trilogy, which will span over the next ten years.

The game publisher said that it had focused on revamping the look and feel of the game without making the game loose its element of mystery.

The company said that the planet on which Master Chief and Cortana, the game’s characters, were going to at the end of the last Halo was a Forerunner planet. It will be interesting to see how the planet is portrayed in the game.

Halo 4 will feature a new setting, new weapons and capabilities and will also contain some new and old elements, which have been inspired by the previous three games.

“You're going to see things in this game that are both familiar and new. We do look across the entire trilogy of games as we look at the past sandbox that has existed. You will see things that are familiar from past games but also things that are new,” said 343 Industries creative director Josh Holmes

"A tricky particular for Halo 4 is it takes place post the discovery of Forerunner technology. So we've been beaten back and beaten back and beaten back by the Covenant and haven't had the time or the luxury to invest in research," he continued.

Watch the Halo Fest Opening Panel Video here:

Watch the Halo 4 Teaser Trailer here: