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HP Announces Integration of VirtualSystem with VMware's Virtualisation Tools

IT giant Hewlett-Packard announced that it has completed the integration of its VirtualSystem product line with VMware’s virtualisation tools - a move aimed at simplifying and speeding up the management of virtualised servers.

HP has also disclosed that it added the VMware assistance feature to its converged infrastructure line to provide customers with an all-in-one software and hardware package.

According to the company, the new offering includes support for the FlexFabric networking platform, Insight Control management tools, as well as the VMware vCenter server platform. HP went on to say that the new system will enhance the data mobility aspect significantly.

Not just that, the company also stated that the use of HP’s 3Par storage and LeftHand platform will drop capacity requirements by almost 50 percent.

"You get a way to snapshot your virtual machine, which is easier on your storage capacity, and you get a rapid recovery in case you accidentally blow away a virtual machine," Craig Nunes, director of marketing for HP storage said in an exclusive statement to V3.

"What businesses need is changing. The architectures developed 10 to 20 years ago don't quite meet the need," he added.