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IBM Backed Research Investigating Ways to Cut Energy Bills

A new series of tests backed by the US based multinational tech giant IBM has shown how the residential use of smart grid can eventually lead up to a drastic cut in energy consumption.

The initiative taken by IBM in collaboration with Alliant Energy and the city of Dubuque, Iowa saw smart meters being installed in 1000 households from the region, which they could use to check real time, detailed energy data.

The project happens to be a part of IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative, aimed at making the next-generation technologies more eco-friendly and resilient to further degradation of environment. The use of grids, according to the company, can prove itself to be rather impressive when it comes to improving energy and water usage in cities.

"The system also runs a lot of analytics, and analyzes consumption over a period of time and offers actionable insights," Milind Naphade, a staff member at IBM Research who has been running the Dubuque project said in a statement, according to a GreenBiz report.

"There are a number of personalized insights that the system relays for each consumer, based on their data," he added.

Though the smart meters only provide limited data, IBM is confident that its Cognos software and the other analytics products shall provide significant analysis of data through which they would be able to figure out the energy loads, appliances that consume too much power even when in standby mode, etc.