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IBM Building Massive 120 Petabyte Hard Drive

Researchers over at IBM are busy assembling a massive storage array which comprises of 200,000 hard disk drives that run together.

The array uses a file system known as General Parallel File System (GPFS), which was developed by IBM to be used in supercomputers. The file system opens individual files in multiple hard disks so that many parts of file can be read or written at the same time.

The GPFS file system has been designed to allow supercomputers to work faster and is also used in the Jeopardy winning Watson supercomputer.

The company plans to fit 120 Petabytes of storage in a giant container, which will be capable of storing 1 trillion files. The storage array will allow researchers to increase the power of complex computing models like the ones used in climate and weather systems, CNET writes.

With massive 120 Petabyte of data stored on the drive, about two petabytes of its space will be used to keep a track of different attributes of the files stored.

Even though the size of the storage system is massive, capable of storing 24 billion MP3 files, Facebook is going to take around 5,000 days to fill it up. Judging by the rate at which data is growing both online and offline, one day, 120 Petabytes will also look small.