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IBM Tivoli to Help Manage Hybrid Clouds

US based tech juggernaut IBM is introducing a new offering that will provide customers with its popular IBM SmartCloud portfolio, thus enabling them to manage private and public infrastructures with the help of the Tivoli cloud software.

According to the company, the move will prove itself quite handy when it comes to merge both public and private cloud infrastructure into a single, hybrid strategic setup.

The Tivoli hybrid cloud software which is going to be available for consumers from the final quarter of the running year, has been built on a technology which IBM bagged just last year with the acquisition of Cast.

"We're seeing major growth in hybrid clouds, with customers telling us there's a need to access on-premise and public cloud resources, so we've added the ability to manage this hybrid model through Tivoli," Mark Tomlinson, cloud IT specialist at IBM UK, said in an exclusive statement to the tech site V3, Daniel Robinson of V3 reports.

Tomlinson also stated that with this new offering, IBM customers will be equipped with the ability to define the quotas, policies, limits themselves in addition to keeping a close eye on the performance and operational aspects of public clouds the same way as if they were on-premise resources.