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iPod Touch 5 Soon to Be Available in White

New reports have revealed that iPhone maker Apple Inc. plans to offer a white version of its massively popular 5th generation iPod Touch.

Apparently, iFixDirect, a key part supplier to the Cupertino-based tech heavyweight recently received a white front cover of the iPod Touch media player. Most likely, this indicates that it is only a matter of time for the white variant of the product to hit the market.

“Today, our friends at iFixDirect got theirs in. When they sent over their pics, which matched up with yesterday’s, they had an added bonus of some new iPod Touch parts…which happen to be in white,” as reported by tech site Tehno Buffalo.

“This actually makes a lot of sense as the iPod Touch has always run about a year behind the iPhone, and with the white,” the report added in reference to offering the iPod Touch in white.

It has been a while since rumors about Apple’s alleged plans to launch a white version of the iPod 5 surfaced. However, as reports have indicated, apart from the color, there are no major difference in terms of specs or design between the new variant and the old one.