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Server Revenues Increase Amidst Strong Demands Reveals IDC

According to the market research outfit Gartner Inc.’s new report, the worldwide server market revenues underwent a rather impressive growth of near about 18 percent.

The report also highlights the fact that the 20 percent industry-wide growth in revenue despite just 8 percent increase in the shipment-figure is nothing else but the inevitable outcome of a rising ASP (average selling price) for servers.

Amongst the top stakeholders in this massive growth in the market, HP somehow managed to retain its number one spot in terms of revenue, despite losing over 2 percent in market shares. The main powerhouses in the industry from Q2, 2010 to Q2, 2011, however, were IBM and Fujitsu, especially the latter who managed to register a 200 percent plus growth in its revenues.

"The second quarter produced solid growth on a yearly basis, as the recovery that started in 2010 continues to eke out slow improvements," Jeffrey Hewitt, VP at Gartner said in statement, Hexus reports.

"All regions showed yearly growth in both shipments and vendor revenue, although in both measures the market is again below the pre-downturn levels we saw in the corresponding quarter of 2008,” he added.

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