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Amazon Android Tablets Likely to Disrupt Sales of Apple iPads

Online retail giant Amazon Inc.’s new found interest in the ever expanding tablet market could soon change the status quo of the industry - at least that is what many experts have been claiming ever since reports started coming out about the company planning to launch their 1st ever tablet, powered by the Android Honeycomb operating system sometime during this October.

According to a new market assessment recently, the forthcoming product from the retail giant could pose some rather severe challenges for Apple Inc.’s massively popular iPad product line.

Many industry experts also agree to this theory, as they believe that if Amazon is willing to make available their product at a cheaper rate, then the brand value, cloud infrastructure or the high-end content associate with Amazon could together play a decisive role in countering the massive lead enjoyed by Apple so far in the tablet market.

“If Amazon launches a tablet at a sub-$300 price point — assuming it has enough supply to meet demand — we see Amazon selling 3-5 million tablets in Q4 alone,” writes Sarah Rotman Epps in Forbes.

Further, if Amazon does manage to get the above quoted sales, then it would definitely boost the market share of Android which will in turn bring in more developers to focus on Android Ecosystem.