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Apple Previews New iTunes Matches Service for the iCloud Platform

Yesterday, iPhone maker Apple Inc. unveiled a preview of the company’s upcoming iTunes Match services for the iCloud platform. Now, according to sources familiar with the product, the developers’ build of the iTunes Match will be equipped with the ability to stream music.

According to a report by the technology site Apple Insider, when deployed, the new product could play a handy role in enabling users to play iCloud-based iTunes Match songs over an iPad device or even a Wi Fi network. Providing additional user options should increase the popularity of this product.

Apparently, the Apple Insider report is based on information provided by a source who participated in numerous tests conducted on this new service. He admitted that the product, as of now, is “still really buggy.”

Apple sent a new iTunes 6.1 beta with iTunes Match functionality to developers late Monday evening.

Following the activation of the iTunes Match, an iCloud column appears on the right-hand side of the song title in the browser pane of iTunes. Though the music player has been designed to play streaming media automatically, users can also save the file(s) locally on his/her hard drive to use on other devices.