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Citrix's to Become Open Source

Virtualisation equipment maker Citrix has decided to fully open source CloudStack on for developers.

The company, which acquired back in July, said that it finished adding the final bits of CloudStack code to the open source repositories.

Citrix explained in a blog post that it had originally offered two versions of CloudStack code, one for paying customers and the other for non-paying customers. But from now on, there will be only one type of code, which will be open sourced.

“This allows us to remove redundancies and focus on making one excellent product. With this code merge we have also added a couple of new features and we will be advertising a number of lesser-known capabilities of CloudStack,” the company said.

Citrix announced the open source CloudStack will support both commercial and open source hypervisors including VMware, XenServer, Xen Cloud Platform, KVM and OracleVM.

CloudStack also supportsbare metal provisioning, which allows users to set-up bare metal hosts in the CloudStack cloud and manage them using the CloudStack Management Server.

The bare metal hosts may be set-up and managed in the same cloud as virtual machines, Citrix said.