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Could HP Revive The TouchPad Tablet?

It seems that HP has been taken aback by the significant surge in popularity caused by the decision of the company to cut the price of the TouchPad to only £89.

Not only did it managed to whip up general interest enough to beat the iPad 2 in Google search traffic (an all-important aspect of the pre-purchase process), it has also given hope for non-iPad 2 tablets that they can succeed.

Now, in an interview with Reuters, Todd Bradley, the head of HP's Personal System Group, hinted at a possible return of the TouchPad saying that "Tablet computing is a segment of the market that's relevant, absolutely".

Given that HP has already confirmed the demise of the WebOS platform, a possible interpretation of this statement could be that HP will launch a follow up to the TouchPad tablet based on a non-WebOS platform (opens in new tab) like Windows or Android.

Our hunch is that HP's decision to spin off its PSG division almost guarantees a Windows 8 tablet at some point in the future, one that may very well run on the same hardware as the TouchPad.

The latter came with 1GB RAM and a dual core Qualcomm SoC clocked at 1.2GHz which should provide ample firepower. It is very unlikely however that a Windows-based TouchPad will cost as little as £89, although we suspect that both Microsoft and HP may be looking at some sort of subsidy scheme.

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