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Disgo 7-inch Tablet Now Available From Under £60

The price of the Disgo 6000, a nifty little tablet with a 7-inch display, has dropped to less than £60 on Ebay from reputable sellers, possibly a sign that a new model is coming given that the device was released last year with a suggested retail price of £180.

Like the original Apple iPad, it comes with 256MB RAM and a 1GHz ARM-based SoC (an iMAPx200 model). Its lack of a capacitive display may put off many but the fact that it comes with 2GB onboard storage (plus an additional 2GB microSD card) will sweeten the pill.

In addition, while the earlier versions of the Disgo 6000 came only with Eclair, the newer ones seem to come with Froyo instead, which paves the way for full Flash compatibility as well as the ability to be used as a wireless hotspot.

The rest of its specifications are not that bad; the screen has 480x800 pixels, it has Wi-Fi, two speakers, a 1500mAh battery, two USB ports, an HDMI port and the ubiquitous microSD card slot.

Only the screen and the battery life might be considered as a let-down, but at that price it is rather hard to complain especially given that it is significantly more polyvalent than more expensive ebook readers or portable media players.