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Filmmaker Rob Spence Trades Old Prosthetic Eye for New Eye with Camera

Canadian film-maker Rob Spence, who had lost an eye in a shooting accident as a child, has replaced his prosthetic eye with a one that has a video camera in it.

Aiming to break new grounds in film making, Spence, working with a team of sc-fi loving engineers, replaced his prosthetic eye with a video camera, which is capable of transmitting and recording video in real-time to a computer device.

Spence has been commissioned by the makers of a sci-fi video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution to make a documentary that shows how far the world is from cyborgs, which are part human and part machine.

Spence said in an interview with Sky News he believes the day is not far when people will be able to replace damaged body parts with machines. Spence even said that people will be willing to replace their healthy body parts with machines as well, for superior performance.

“People are going to have the option of having superior arms, superior eyes at some point. People say no one would ever cut off their own arm and replace it, but if the technology gets there - and it looks like it will - people will think about it. They might be early adopters," he said.