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Google Asks Users to Report Spammer Websites

Search engine giant Google has asked its users to help it take down scrapper sites from its platform.

Scrapper sites, which are primarily run by spammers, copy their content from more popular websites and then uses the site's popularity to draw Internet traffic as a way to make money from online advertisements. Often, those who operate legitimate websites are unaware this has taken place.

Google’s Matt Cutts said in a tweet that “Scrapers getting you down? Tell us about blog scrapers you see... We need data points for testing.”

He also provided a link to a form to be used by anyone that comes across a scrapper site on Google. The company will then remove the site from its index.

The form allows people to report the search term that resulted in the scrapping problem.

Users are also asked to provide the link to the web page with the original content in addition to the link to the scrapper page. Google also allows people to add their comments if they want to do so.

“Google is testing algorithmic changes for scraper sites (especially blog scrapers). We are asking for examples, and may use data you submit to test and improve our algorithms,” Google says on the form page.