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Google hires hacker for web security push

Google+ hacker Florian Rohrweck, the source of much pre-release information about Google's social networking service, has announced that he is to join the advertising giant to work on improving the company's security.

Rohrweck's main claim to fame was a period of snooping on the code behind Google's various web apps, during which time he uncovered pre-launch evidence of things like Google+ Games, telling the world of the impending release and somewhat taking the wind of of Google's sails.

Rather than sue him into silence, however, Google has decided to put his talents to good use, hiring Rohrweck to work on improving the security of its various web-based services.

The contract isn't finalised, and Google itself is being cagey on exactly what Rohrweck will be doing at the company. "Get sued or get hired, there is no try, young Skywalker," Rohrweck joked on - appropriately enough - his Google+ page (opens in new tab). "Wait, what? Get hired it is."

Rohrweck is expected to visit the Google headquarters in Munich next week, where the team behind Google+ will be eager to see the hacker that's been picking apart their secrets. "I remember, 'let's hire him,' was one of the first reactions when the news you had discovered all those G+ features broke out internally," claimed Google+ team member Marcelo Camelo in a comment to Rohrweck. "Welcome to the team."

Google's decision to hire - rather than scare away - Rohrweck is a good one: not only does the company get access to his not inconsiderable talents, but they get to shut him up with a nice contract at a fraction of the cost of a protracted legal battle. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.