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Legal Questions Surround New File Sharing Website

The co-founders responsible for the massively popular free torrent site The Pirate Bay have reportedly designed a brand-new site named Bayfiles which they claim is entirely legal and respects all existing copyright rules. There is speculation within the legal community, however, as to whether this claim is entirely accurate.

Similar to other legitimate file sharing platforms such as RapidShare and MegaUpload, the new site designed by Peter Sunde and Fredrik Neij is a one-click hosting service.

Both Sunde and Neij claim that Bayfiles allows users to store music, movies or other files just like any other file sharing platform, but without violating any copyright laws. However, legal experts as well as critics are skeptical about the legitimacy of the offering.

"I think that the people behind it are expecting that the vast majority of the material will in fact be infringing copyright," Susan Hall, a lawyer with legal firm Cobbetts, expressed in a BBC report.

"And I think they are working on the principle that there will be practical difficulties in going after them for infringing copyright.. they are basically saying if you catch us we will cough," she added.