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Microsoft Pumps Native Support For ISO In Windows 8

In a latest disclosure made by Windows 8 Engineering team, it has been confirmed that Windows 8 OS will come equipped with built-in ISO mounting and VHD (virtual hard disk) features.

According to Microsoft, both these features will come as integral components of the Windows 8 Explorer ribbon menu, and mounting of a VHD or ISO file will be as simple as opening a file with double-click.

As of now, the Windows platform allows a user to read an ISO file only when burnt onto a CD or DVD, and then inserted into the computer’s optical drive. Another popular method included the use of a third party application such as Daemon or ISO Buster, which enabled users to read ISO files without requiring them to burn the file onto an optical disc.

In addition to the enhanced ability to read ISO files, Microsoft Windows 8 will also be featuring native support for Virtual Hard Drives, which work on the same line as the former, but with the added advantage of allowing users to modify or edit files as if they were being operated from a physical drive. More information can be obtained here.

However, according to experts, these features are primarily aimed at the more advanced features and not something that all users will be using on a regular basis.