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Mozilla Planning Firefox Expansion on Mobile Devices

Open source outfit Mozilla is set to prioritise the development of Firefox for Android as it seeks to expand its browser dominance to smartphone segment as well.

Firefox is already the world’s second most popular desktop web browser after Microsoft’s Internet Explorer but has a long way to go before it achieves the same in the mobile browser market.

The web browser faces serious competition in mobile from Apple’s Safari web browser found on iOS devices and Google’s Webkit browser for Android.

The company plans to enhance the performance of the mobile version of the web browser, lower its power consumption and optimise it for use on tablet devices.

Apart from making huge efforts to convince people to use Firefox on their smartphones, the company will have to deal with the restrictions put in place by companies like Apple, Microsoft and Research in Motion in their mobile operating system platforms.

“If you have a powerful device, Firefox performance is in many ways pretty good. But UI [user interface] responsiveness and memory usage seem to be in pretty bad shape. So we need to get better measurements and start improving performance in those areas, today." Mozilla programmer Dave Mandelin said.

As it stands Mozilla has been barred from bringing its browser to major mobile operating system platforms such as Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows Phone.