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Official Says Larry Page Quite Informed of Illegal Drug Ads

Google CEO Larry Page was aware that the search engine giant was placing ads for illegal online Canadian pharmaceuticals.

Peter Neronha, a US Justice Department official has told The Wall Street Journal that Page was aware that Google was selling ad space to pharmaceuticals.

His comments come as Google paid a record $500 million to settle the case with Justice Department. The DOJ said that the settlement amount covered the revenue made by Google from placing the ad and the amount earned by the pharmaceuticals companies that placed the ads.

“Larry Page knew what was going on. We know it from the investigation. We simply know it from the documents we reviewed, witnesses that we interviewed, that Larry Page knew what was going on,” Neronha, the U.S. attorney for Rhode Island, said in a statement to WSJ.

Despite these strong allegations, the DOJ won’t be reprimanding Page nor will it disclose the documents that prove that Page knew about the ads, as the case has been settled.

Meanwhile, Google, at the time of the settlement, had said that it takes full responsibility for the ads and also admitted that it should not have allowed ads in the first place. It seems that the case has been settled to avoid an embarrassment to the CEO.