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Samsung Mulls WebOS Acquisition, Hires Former HP Vice President

Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung is considering the acquisition of HP owned webOS mobile operating system to take on Apple.

Recently, Hewlett-Packard announced that it will no longer make devices based on webOS, abandoning its webOS based TouchPad tablet PC device. The company said that it was considering spinning off its webOS division.

According to a report on Digitimes, Samsung is considering buying off HP’s webOS platform to build a tight hardware software ecosystem similar to Apple.

Earlier, Samsung was rumoured to have mulling the purchase of HP’s PC division but the company later rubbished the rumours.

“The sources noted that the acquisition of HP's PC business, which has a rather low gross margin, may turn out to hurt Samsung's panel and DRAM businesses that have rather high gross margins, therefore HP's webOS may be the target that Samsung has the most interest in," the Digitimes report said.

It was also revealed that Samsung has hired HP’s former vice president of PSG marketing Raymond Wah to manage the sales of its own PC division. Samsung and HP declined to comment on the report.

The acquisition might prove to be beneficial to Samsung in a way because the webOS is a near ready platform and with a few improvements, it may prove to be one of the worthy iOS competitors. With Android being troubled from every corner of the mobile industry, webOS may be Samsung's answer to Apple.