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Schmidt Confident of Google TV’s Potential

Seems like the Mountain View based Internet search giant Google Inc.’s acting chairman Eric Schmidt is quite optimistic about the company’s venture in the television industry, Google TV, which has so far failed to make its mark in the market.

According to the chairman, Google TV is going to be embraced by most TV makers in the years to come, more specifically within 5 years.

Mr. Schmidt, who was on his trip to the UK, also did not forget to brag about the enhanced privacy features in Google Plus, his company’s new offering in the world of social media.

"Virtually all the television manufacturers on their very high end will eventually adopt Google TV...or perhaps one of the competitors that will emerge. We know this space exists,” Schmidt said in a statement, CNET reports.

“The issue is getting that started, getting the applications built and so forth, and that's taken quite a while," he added.

He also claimed that the adoption of the Google TV is going to occur sometimes within the next 5 years only.

Apart from bragging about Google TV’s potentials to rule over the entire TV industry, the chairman of the search giant also reportedly criticised the UK’s current educational system.