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Time Warner Profiting from Guy Fawkes Mask Used by Anonymous

Controversial hacktivist group Anonymous’ relentless strikes targeted at various businesses, government agencies etc. may have caused havoc in many circles, but one big-fish in the corporate world has actually benefited from the ‘anti-establishment’ and rebellious stand so far taken taken by the hackers’ collective.

The ‘big-fish’ in question here is the media giant Time Warner and apparently as reports are indicating towards, the company is cashing on the Guy Fawkes masks which Anonymous members put on in order to preserve their incognito.

Guy Fawkes, happened to be a 17th century anarchist in Her Majesty’s Empire, known for his attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Anonymous embraced the Fawkes mask following its appearance in James McTeigue directed massively popular movie V for Vendetta (2005).

Following its enormous success in the box office, the production house Warner Brothers and its parent company Times Warner won exclusive right to the Fawkes mask, and it is paid a licensing fee each and everytime a mask sells.

“We sell over 100,000 of these masks a year, and it’s by far the best-selling mask that we sell,” said Howard Beige, executive vice president of Rubie’s Costume, a New York costume company that produces the mask, New York Times reports, indicating towards a rather hefty sum bagged by Times Warner from the Anonymous symbol.