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VMware Catches Cloud Fever as Paul Maritz Lays Forth Cloud Ambitions

According to a recent revelation made by VMware CEO Paul Maritz, the executives in his company, just like their counterparts from most of the other IT vendors, are currently focusing hard on the possibilities and opportunities in the till-now-mostly-unexplored world of cloud computing.

The chief executive disclosed the company’s ambitions to conquer the ‘cloud’ in front of near about 19,000 attendees at the opening event of VMworld 2011 held in Las Vegas on Monday.

"We're not immune from cloud fever -- we also tend to use this term a lot," Maritz reportedly admitted to the crowd gathered for the event, according to a CRN report.

Maritz, during the same keynote, also called the company’s vSphere 5 a “major achievement” for the entire VMware team. He explained how the project demanded a rather hectic one million hours of engineering, and two million hours of assurance testing.

"What we're seeing in the cloud era is billions of new users and devices, and with that scale we need new techniques and approaches. People are going to have to be able to react to information in real time," he stated.

VMware, in contrast to Salesforce, is promoting the concepts of private and public clouds and has also announced a few products that cater to the needs of the enterprises.